Catholic Theological Ethics Series

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Catholic Theological Ethics Past Present and FutureCatholic Theological Ethics Past, Present, and Future: The Trento Conference

Some 500 theological ethicists from nearly 75 countries met in Trento, Italy in July 2010 to discuss the challenges they face. This volume includes the most important current thinking, with contributions from around the globe: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines, Scotland, Switzerland, the Ukraine, the United States, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Divided into three main parts (the past, the present, and the future), and with a Foreword by John W. O'alley, Catholic Social Ethics, Past, Present and Future examines ethics and interreligious dialogue, the interaction between history and theological ethics, missing and marginalized voices, moral reasoning, political ethics, health issues, identity and familial relations, and the future of theological ethics.

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Feminist Catholic Theological EthicsFeminist Catholic Theological Ethics


New vistas and voices are emerging in feminist thought that trace new directions and seek to rephrase the central questions of feminist discourse.  Characteristic of this growth is the re-location of issues from the global North to include voices from the global South.  This volume highlights the changing face and color of feminist theological discourse, recognizes innovative research in the field, and facilitates a global conversation among feminists engaged in theological ethics in the world church.



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Just SustainabilityJust Sustainability

This study of the social, economic, and conceptual changes needed on a global level for all of life to flourish in the 21st century begins from the premise that any viable path to sustainability must also be just—whether as norms guiding policy decisions or in the development of a comprehensive ethics of ecology. The scholars whose essays constitute Just Sustainability explore and develop concepts that have emerged in environmental ethics as well as those that have become central to Catholic thought and magisterial teaching in the contexts of economic development, technological innovation, and environmental degradation. 

Essays are thematized around particular locations (Part I), global structures (Part II), and theological stances (Part III). Thirty contributors from six continents write from a wide variety of social, ethnic, geographic, and economic backgrounds. Together, these contributors identify pressing issues of environmental degradation, its significant effects, and a range of ethical and moral responses. Just Sustainability represents an important contribution to discourse and discernment in both environmental ethics and ecological theology.

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Living with(out) BordersLiving with(out) Borders

This collection of original essays deepens contemporary understandings of, and approaches to, urgent issues of immigration, globalization, refugee crises around the globe, and the ethical and moral challenges presented by these phenomena. Including some of the world's leading ethicists Living with(out) Borders t brings both intellectual and theological analysis to bear on issues often removed from the worlds of theology or sustained academic analysis.


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