CTEWC with Church Leaders - A Photo Gallery

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The Planning Committee with Cardinal Fernando Filoni, of Propagation of the Faith

The Planning Committee with Archbishop José Rodriguez Carballo, ofm, of the Congregation for Religious Life

The Planning Committee with Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi, at the Congregation for Catholic Education

The Planning Committee with Cardinal Kevin J. Farrell, of the Congregation for the Laity, Family, Life

The Planning Committee with Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, of the Pontifical Council of Culture

The Planning Committee with the General of the Society of Jesus, Arturo Sosa S.J.

The Planning Committee with Cardinal Peter Turkson, of the Dicastery of the Service of Integral Human Development

The Planning Committee at the Alfonsianum (hosted by Andrzej Wodka).

Inside the lecture hall at the Urbanianium (hosted by Vincenzo Viva)

Committee at the Gregorianum (hosted by Miguel Yanez) 


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    Fr. Jude Likori Omukaga
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    Great appreciation for this wonderful coverage, courtesy of Fr. Keenan and the planning committee. Though I am a CTEWC member, I have not been able to attend most events. The Newsletter is enables us to catch up with the events. Much thanks to our editorial, your good work be blessed abundantly.

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