December THE FIRST (2010)

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December 1, 2010

Ten days ago, the new members of the “Planning Committee for the Future” of the Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church met at Boston College and took steps toward building for the future.  You will see below, that the Planning Committee has assumed considerable work in managing our move from Trento into the future. 

First, we selected Linda Hogan (Ireland) and Jim Keenan (US) as co-chairs for the Planning Committee. In addition to the co-chairs, the members of the Planning Committee now are: Antonio Autiero (Germany), Agnes Brazal (Philippines), MT Davila (Puerto Rico), Lucas Chan Yiu Sing (Hong Kong), Andrea Vicini (Italy), and Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator (Kenya-Nigeria).  Toni Ross (US) remains the Committee administrator.  We want to thank Tony Mifsud, Marie Jo-Thiel, Renzo Pegoraro, Clement Campos, and Hans Wennink for their wonderful service and collaboration over the past four years in bringing Trento to its full realization.  You will, of course, be seeing their names again, in other positions. 

Second, we agreed to meet every eight months.  We will meet in May 2011 in Boston and in March 2012 in Nairobi.  We will alternate between meeting in Boston and then in the southern hemisphere, hoping to initiate regional conferences by our meetings.

Third, we established 4 concrete goals for the Planning Committee. This Newsletter reports on the action agenda for each goal. 

To sustain links, contacts and relationships established at Padua and Trento 

To the first goal, we are re-establishing this monthly newsletter the FIRST to arrive on the FIRST of every month.  We shall aim to carry news from around the world concerning theological ethicists and their work.  If you have anything for next month’s newsletter, please send it to me at:

If you do not want to receive this monthly newsletter, please respond to this email with a request to take you off our mailing list.

Second, we are also trying to find out what those links, contacts and relationships were.  So, please RESPOND to our “QUESTIONAIRE” at the end of this email.  Please note the questionnaire is in 6 languages, you can answer in any of them, again, sending it to me:

Third, we are currently exploring methods to develop our website.  Among them is the recruitment of a webmaster, whom we hired just this morning.  Hopefully by the New Year, you will see a new home page!

Finally, if you want to see some of the coverage of Trento to date see:

To facilitate global conversations on Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church through research and writing

Starting next month we intend to post on our website, any published article as an outcome of Trento, especially from the Concurrent sessions.  If you have a PDF file of your article, an electronic link to its publication, or simply the bibliographical reference of it (author, title, journal, volume, year, pages), we will post that information on our site and list it in the next email.  As this will be on-going, send the information to me before the FIRST of any month.

Second, we are intending to launch over the next seven years the Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church book series.  The first volume is the 30 plenary papers that Jim Keenan is presently editing.  After that, the next five volumes will be edited by two people from different regions.  Each volume will have 15 contributors submitting 6000 word essays.  We are presently discussing the matter with potential publishing houses as well as recruiting the two editors for each volume.   We are hoping for each volume to appear in different language and regional publishing houses.  We intend a book to be published each year from 2012-2017.  These are the titles that we are working with (in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German):

1: From Trento to the Future: Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
2: Feminist Catholic Theological Ethics: Conversations in the World Church
3: Just Sustainability: Technology, Ecology, and Resource Extraction
4: The Local Church and the Place of the Catholic Ethicist
5: Catholic Theological Ethics on the Migrations of Peoples: Living with(out) Borders
6: The Bible and Catholic Theological Ethics

Secondo, nei prossimi sette anni vogliamo lanciare una nuova collezione di volumi dal titolo “Etica teologica cattolica nella Chiesa mondiale”. Il primo volume raccoglie le 30 conferenze plenarie di Trento e Jim Keenan ne sta curando la pubblicazione. Ciascuno dei cinque volumi successivi sarà curato da due colleghe/i che operano in differenti regioni del mondo. Ogni volume conterrà 15 contributi, ciascuno di 6.000 parole. Siamo in trattativa con alcune case editrici e stiamo pure precisando le coppie di curatori per ogni volume. Questi sono i titoli provvisori:

1:  Da Trento al futuro: l’etica teologica cattolica nella Chiesa mondiale (le sessioni plenarie)
2: Etica teologica cattolica femminista: conversazioni nella Chiesa mondiale
3: Sostenibilità giusta: tecnologia, ecologia ed estrazione delle risorse
4: La Chiesa locale e il posto dell’eticista cattolico
5: L’etica teologica cattolica e le migrazioni dei popoli: vivere con/senza confini
6: La Bibbia e l’etica teologica cattolica

Deuxièmement, dans les prochains sept ans, nous voulons démarrer la publication d’une nouvelle série des livres intitulée : « L’éthique théologique catholique dans l’église mondiale ». Le premier livre recueillera les textes des 30 séances plénières à Trente et Jim Keenan en est l’éditeur. Chacun des 5 livres sera éditée par 2 collègues qui travaillent dans deux régions différentes dans le monde. Chaque livre contiendra 15 contributions, chacune de 6,000 mots. Nous sommes en train de contacter des maisons d’édition et aussi de préciser les couples d’éditeurs. Voici les titres provisoires des livres :

1: A partir de Trente jusqu’au future : L’éthique théologique catholique dans l’église mondiale (les séances plénières)
2: L’éthique théologique catholique féministe : conversations dans l’église mondiale
3: La sostenibilité juste : technologies, écologie et l’extraction des ressources
4: L’église locale et la place de l’éthiciste catholique
5: L’éthique théologique catholique à propos des migrations des peuples : vivre avec/sans frontières 
6: La Bible et l’éthique théologique catholique 

En los próximos siete años estaremos lanzando una serie de libros de Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church.  El primer volumen será el que contiene los 30 ensayos de las plenarias y que Jim Keenan está editando actualmente. Los siguientes cinco volúmenes serán editados cada uno por dos personas de diferentes partes del mundo. Cada volumen tendrá 15 contribuyentes que presentarán ensayos de 6000 palabras. Los siguientes son los títulos con los que estamos trabajando: 

1: La Ética Católica en la Iglesia Mundial (Ensayos Plenarios)
2: Ética Teológica Católica Feminista: Conversaciones en la Iglesia Mundial
3: Sostenibilidad Justa: Tecnología, Ecología, y la Extracción de Recursos
4: La Iglesia Local y el Sitio del Eticista Católico
5: La Ética Teológica Católica sobre la Migración de las Personas: Viviendo Con y Sin las Fronteras
6: The Bible and Catholic Theological Ethics

Pretendemos publicar, nos próximos 7 anos,  uma série de livros sobre a Ética Teológica Católica na Igreja. O primeiro volume já está sendo organizado por Jim Keenan e trará as 30 apresentações feitas nas seções plenárias do Congresso de Trento.  Os próximos 5 volumes serão organizados por duas pessoas de regiões diferentes. Cada volume contará com 15 colaboradores que submeterão seus trabalhos com um máximo de 6.000 palavras cada. 

Eis os temas que estão sendo preparados:
1. De Trento para o Futuro: A Ética Teológica Católica na Igreja (Textos das seções plenárias do Congresso de Trento)
2. Ética Teológica Católica Feminista: Diálogos na Igreja
3. Justa Sustentabilidade: Tecnologia, Ecologia e Extração de Recursos

4. A Igreja local e o lugar do eticista católico
5. Ética Teológica Católica e Migração dos Povos: vivendo com ou sem fronteiras
6. A Bíblia e a Ética Teológica Católica

Wir wollen eine neue Buchreihe unter der Bezeichnung „Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church Book“ ins Leben rufen. Der erste von Jim Keenan herausgegebene und sich bereits in Bearbeitung befindende Band stellt eine Dokumentation der Tagung in Trento (30 Referate) dar.

Danach sind 5 Bände geplant, die jeweils von zwei Personen aus unterschiedlichen Ländern herausgegeben werden sollen. Jeder Band umfasst 15 Beiträge (à 6000 Worte).

Die vorläufigen Titel der geplanten Bände lauten:

1:From Trento to the Future: Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church 
2: Feminist Catholic Theological Ethics: Conversations in the World Church
3: Just Sustainability: Technology, Ecology, and Resource Extraction
4:The Local Church and the Place of the Catholic Ethicist
5:Catholic Theological Ethics on the Migrations of Peoples: Living with(out) Borders
6:The Bible and Catholic Theological Ethics

To enable initiatives, actions, and joint efforts at local and regional levels

Toward this goal, we established four working committees for targeted regions.  We have appointed the chairs and are in the process of developing the committee membership.  Each committee will have four members.  Committees will explore the best modes for promoting local and regional conferences.  This is the committee arrangement to date.

For the African Region: Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator (Kenya-Nigeria), Chair; Victor Adangba, (Cote D'Ivoire); TBA, TBA

For the Asian Region: Lucas Chan Yiu Sing (Hong Kong), Chair; Agnes Brazal (Philippines), Clement Campos (India), Sharon Bong (Malaysia)

For the Latin American Region: MT Davila (Puerto Rico): Ronaldo Zacharias (Brazil), TBA, TBA

For the Eastern European Region: Antonio Autiero (Germany) chair; Katica Knezovic (Croatia), TBA, TBA 

To support the development of the next generation of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church

We are very happy to report that we have been encouraged by a major benefactor to apply for the complete and full funding of our Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church Scholarship Programme for African Women.  This programme represents the most significant development in regard to the training and formation of the next generation of African women theologians, particularly in the area of theological ethics. This scholarship fund is administered by a subcommittee of the African Region committee and has Orobator as chair, and Linda Hogan and Jim Keenan as subcommittee members.

Because of the success in Africa, the Planning Committee decided to make a commitment to funding future lay theological ethicists out of Latin America.  To develop funding possibilities as well as locating needs and resources, we have asked MT Davila to chair the subcommittee for scholarships for the Latin American Region.  To date, we report that Tony Mifsud (Chile) has agreed to serve on the committee.

We also decided to explore the possibility of setting up similar scholarship funds in Asia and Eastern Europe. We have asked, Lucas Chan Yiu Sing to chair the subcommittee for scholarships for the Asian Region.  To date Eric Genilo (Philippines) has agreed to serve on that subcommittee.  Antonio Autiero has agreed to serve on the subcommittee for scholarships for the Eastern European Region and is presently recruiting other members.

Furthermore, as you can see by our questionnaire below, we intend to locate existing scholarship programs throughout the world and to use our website to link to those programs.

Moreover, I will be attending the New Wineskins 2011 symposium from July 28-31 at Notre Dame University and hope to find out from them possible avenues for developing opportunities to support our fourth goal.  

Finally, in order to begin the obvious necessary work of development for Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church, we have asked Andrea Vicini (Italy) to chair the Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church Development Fund.  To date, Gina Wolfe (US) and Hans Wennink (Netherlands) have agreed to serve on this committee. 




  1. Questions for Participants:  We hope you give us a well considered answer to the first question and more concrete answers for the questions 2-5.
  2. What did you find at Trento?  Please give us a considered answer
  3. Did you make new contacts at Trento and have you maintained them?  With whom? About what?
  4. Can you name any particular actions that you or your institution took in light of the meeting at Trento?
  5. Does your institution offer any funding or have a scholarship program that aims to sponsor and/or host students or faculty from overseas for studies, research, or sabbaticals specifically in Theological Ethics?
  6. What would you want from the Planning Committee for the Future? 

Domande per i partecipanti. Alla prima domanda ci attendiamo una risposta frutto di un’accurata riflessione, mentre ci auguriamo risposte concrete alle restanti domande.

  1. Che cosa hai trovato a Trento? Per favore, condividi le tue accurate riflessioni
  2. A Trento hai conosciuto colleghe e colleghi? Hai mantenuto i contatti con loro? Con chi? A proposito di cosa?
  3. Puoi segnalarci alcune azioni concrete che sono state avviate da te e/o dalla istituzione di cui fai parte a seguito della Conferenza a Trento?
  4. L’istituzione a cui appartieni offre finanziamenti e/o ha un programma di borse di studio per sponsorizzare e/o per ospitare studenti e/o docenti dall’estero per studi, per ricerca o per periodi sabbatici specificatamente nell’ambito dell’Etica Teologica?
  5. Che cosa ti attendi dal Comitato di Pianificazione per il Futuro?

Questions pour les participants. Pour la première question, nous te demandons une réponse bien considérée ; pour les autres questions nous souhaitons une réponse très concrète.

  1. Qu’est-ce que tu a trouvé a Trente ? Nous te prions de nous donner une réponse bien considérée.
  2. Est-ce que tu a développes des contacts à Trente ? Est-ce que tu as continué la relation avec eux? Avec qui ? A propos de quoi ?
  3. Est-ce que pourrais tu nommer quelques actions concrètes que tu et/ou l’institution à laquelle tu appartiens à partir de la conférence de Trente?
  4. Est-ce que l’institution dont tu fais partie est en train d’offrir des ressourcés économiques et/ou un programme de bourses d’études (ou d’hébergement) pour des étudiants, des professeurs étrangers ou des périodes sabbatiques en éthique théologique?
  5. Qu’est-ce que tu t’attends du Comité pour la Planification future?

Preguntas para los participantes: Esperamos que sus respuestas a la primera pregunta incluya sus consideraciones mas en detalle mientras que las preguntas 2-5 buscan respuestas más concretas.

  1. ¿Qué encontraste en Trento? Por favor provee una respuesta que presente tus reflexiones.
  2. ¿Estableciste contactos nuevos en Trento y los has mantenido? ¿Con quién? ¿Respecto a qué?
  3. ¿Puedes mencionar alguna acción que tú o tu institución han tomado a la luz de la reunión en Trento?
  4. ¿Ofrece tu institución alguna clase de fondos o programas de becas que busque traer estudiantes de otros países para cursas un programa de estudio, hacer investigación, o apoyar una sabática en ética teológica?
  5. ¿Qué quisieras de parte del Comité de Planificación para el Futuro? 

Questões para os participantes: esperamos que você nos dê uma resposta bem precisa sobre a primeira questão e respostas m ais concretas para as questões 2-5

  1. O que você encontrou em Trento? Por favor, responsa de forma bastante precisa.
  2. Você fez e manteve novos contatos em Trento? Com quem? Sobre o que?
  3. Pode indicar alguma atividade particular que você ou a sua instituição realizaram à luz do encontro de Trento?
  4. A sua instituição oferece suporte financeiro ou possui um programa de bolsa de estudo que patrocina e/ou hospeda estudantes e professores de outros países para estudos, pesquisas ou períodos sabáticos especificamente na área da Ética Teológica?
  5. O que você espera da Comissão Internacional de Planejamento para o futuro?  

Fragen an die TeilnehmerInnen: Wir möchten gern eine Befragung durchführen und hoffen, eine differenzierte Antwort auf die erste Frage bzw. sehr konkrete Hinweise auf die Fragen 2 bis 5 von Ihnen zu bekommen.

  1. Was hat Ihnen Trento gebracht?
  2. Haben Sie in Trento neue Kontakte geknüpft und haben Sie diese Kontakte seit Trento weiter entwickelt? Mit wem? Über welche Inhalte oder Pläne haben Sie gesprochen?
  3. Können Sie Aktionen benennen, die Sie oder Ihre Institution in Folge der Trento-Tagung ins Leben gerufen haben?
  4. Könnte Ihre Institution finanzielle Unterstützung gewährleisten, oder haben Sie bereits ein Forschungsprogramm an dem sich theologische EthikerInnen aus dem Ausland (in Form von Sabbatical,  Studienaufenthalt etc.) beteiligen können?
  5. Was wünschen Sie sich vom Planungsausschuss für die Zukunft?

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