July THE FIRST (2011)

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July 2011

Letter from the editor

This First is filled with many new things.  First, we have a new format for the newsletter, designed by our webmaster, Jillian Maxey.  Brilliant!  We made these changes after our planning committee contacted many of you for feedback on the monthly newsletter.  I hope you like it.  Let me know what you think!

Second, we initiate today our FORUM.  You may remember that we announced that the Forum would start with the July First issue.  These are three op-ed pieces coming from Africa, Asia, and Latin America respectively.  The first installments are by the 3 Capos of the three regional boards. 

The Forum develops our desire to continue what we started in Padua: to elicit voices from the South letting us hear what their regional issues are.  In this installment, we read about the question of nationalizing the mines of South Africa, hope in the metros of Mexico City, and the call for transparency as an end to corruption in India.  I want to thank, Peter Knox, Miguel Ángel Sánchez Carlos, and Shaji George Kochuthara for their leadership and their contributions. We hope that all our readers will turn to the Forum each issue and see these monthly op-ed pieces. 

Third, Andrea Vicini’s Development Committee has taken off!  They have invited four new members onto their committee. The US members have initiated a summer fundraising drive to purchase laptop computers for each of the 8 African women PhD students. They are also setting up a virtual observation of the forthcoming Ecclesial Women of Asia conference in November. Check out their news!

Fourth, Julie Clague at Political Theology has issued a call for papers that were presented at Trento. Do you have an essay from Trento that you want published?  See her summons below. 

Fifth, catch the Regional reports from Africa and Asia. In particular see how we have now admitted two new students to the African women PhD program including the legendary Margaret Ogola who was a plenary presenter at Trento. 

Finally, we have lots of updates in the clearinghouse as well as more articles posted.  If you want those articles and books of yours to get a broader read, send me them for posting as links, pdf, or simple bibliography.

Take care, enjoy the summer, and let us be united in prayer and hope.



Philippe Bordeyne (France) joins the Development Committee
Julie Clague (UK) joins the Development Committee
Marianne Heimbach-Steins (Germany) joins the Development Committee
Maureen O’Connell (US) joins the Development Committee
Elias Omondi Opongo (Kenya) joins the African Regional Committee
Roman Globokar (Slovenia) joins the Eastern European Regional Committee
Margaret Ogola (Kenya) receives CTEWC PhD Scholarship
Bimbola Bolanle Ojo (Nigeria) receives CTEWC PhD Scholarship

Fundraising Initiative from US members of Development Committee for laptops for 8 African women PhD students

Call for Papers from TRENTO for Journal of Political Theology

Development Committee Initiatives

Four new members have joined the Development Committee

Philippe Bordeyne (France), Julie Clague (UK), Marianne Heimbach-Steins (Germany), and Maureen O’Connell (US) have accepted our invitation to join the Development Committee, with Andrea Vicini (Italy) as Chair.

Fundraising Initiative from US members of Development Committee for laptops for 8 African women PhD students

We are thrilled to announce here an initiative to raise $6,000 to supply the eight African women doctoral students in theological ethics from six African countries (Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania) with laptop computers and essential software to support them in their doctoral studies.
All monies collected will be wired to the CTWEC account at Hekima College in Nairobi, which will handle the distribution of funds to the eight women. There will be no fees charged so every dollar raised will go directly to this initiative. Given CTWEC’s non-profit status, you will receive written recognition of your gift for tax purposes.

Inasmuch as the US members (Kristin Heyer, Maureen O’Connell, Gina Wolfe) of the Development Committee initiated this event, they and their chair, Andrea Vicini, will be sending letters in the next few days to potential US supporters.  In the meantime, if you want more information, please contact, Maureen O’Connell, at mhoconnell@gmail.com

We hope that when we develop the scholarship programs in Latin America and in Eastern Europe, that we can initiate similar events with other national and regional constituencies.

Forthcoming coverage of Ecclesia of Women in Asia

Among the goals for CTEWC stemming from Trento are supporting the growth of regional networks and building bridges between and among regional networks. In November with the help of five host institutions in the US, we will be piloting a project that will allow theologians and graduate students to be virtual observers of paper presentations and discussion of a session of the bi-annual conference of the Ecclesia of Women in Asia. We hope that this exciting pilot program will move us forward in meeting these goals. Look for more details in upcoming newsletters.

Regional Reports

Africa Region Update

New recipients of CTEWC scholarship
Two more CTEWC scholarships for the advanced training of African women in theological ethics have been awarded to:

  • Dr. Margaret Ogola (Kenya). Dr. Ogola is a pediatrician and was a plenary speaker in Trento. She will do a PhD in Moral Theology at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Sr. Bimbola Bolanle Ojo (Nigeria). Sr. Ojo is a member of the Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel congregation. She has an MA in Moral Theology from the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA), Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and will do a PhD in Moral Theology at same institution.

Update on past beneficiaries of the CTEWC scholarship programme for African women:

  • Sr. Flore Seya Nzambi successfully defended her MA thesis in Moral Theology at Université Catholique d'Afrique Centrale, Nkolbisson-Yaoundé, Cameroun, on 21 June 2011. The title of her thesis is: "La famille et l'éducation à la sexualité authentique: une lecture de Familiaris Consortio". She was awarded Magna Cum Laude for her work.
  • Mademoiselle Baleme Malangu Nathalie also completed her licentiate in Moral Theology at Facultés Catholiques de Kinshasa, Kinshasa, DRC.

Congratulations to ALL!

A.E. Orobator

Asian Region Update

The book Hope Abundant: Third World and Indigenous Women's Theology (Orbis Books, 2010), edited by Kwok Pui-Lan, was awarded 2nd place in the category of Gender Issues by the United States Catholic Press Association in its annual convention.

Dr. Sharon A Bong, one of our regional committee members for Asia and a member of the Forum, was privileged to have been invited to be one of the book's contributors. Sharon's chapter is titled, “The Suffering Christ and the Asian Body.” Congratulations to Sharon and Kwok and all the other contributors!

Lúcás Chan Yiu Sing

Call for Papers from TRENTO for the journal, Political Theology

The journal Political Theology (www.politicaltheology.com) will be running a special issue based on papers delivered in Trento. If your Trento paper was based on a theme in social and political ethics and you would like it considered for the special issue them please contact Julie Clague (julie.clague@glasgow.ac.uk) to express interest by 15 August. Julie will provide further details and answer any questions you may have.

Did you know that Political Theology (www.politicaltheology.com) is now published six times a year? Forthcoming themes include: 'Ten years after 9/11'; 'Race, Religion and Politics in the USA'; 'Christianity and Politics in South Africa'; and 'Political Theology in the Nordic countries'. You can sign up for contents alerts at the journal's website, where editorials and book reviews are free to view. Or read the journal's blog: http://www.politicaltheology.com/blog/

While you’re at it, if you have a new book coming out that you would like to have considered for review in Political Theology, please contact Tobias Winright (twinrigh@slu.edu) or have the publisher send the book to him at the address posted on Political Theology's website. Also, if you see a new book that you would like to review, let Winright know.

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