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Planning Committee Meeting
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Nairobi, August, 2012
News from Africa and Asia
Kudos to Joseph Selling! 


As you can see below we had a productive meeting, working on the newsletter, the website, the scholarship fund, the book series, the upcoming regional conference in Nairobi, development issues, and rotating older members off the planning committee and bringing new ones on board.


At our recent Planning Committee meeting of the Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church, we decided that we wanted to sponsor a FORUM in each issue of the Newsletter.

We want to invoke again the lessons from the Padova conference where we heard from each continent and learned FIRST HAND what was happening in Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc.

Starting July 1, we will publish three short essays, every month from the three “southern” continents: Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

We have invited editorial teams of four persons from each continent, with a “capo” for every team.  Each month one of the members will submit a 500 essay (like one found on the opinion page of a major newspaper).  It will be a reflection/ commentary/ report on current critical issues from the writer’s perspective on her/ his continent.

Because our mission statement invites us to resist submitting to the northern paradigms, we will see how the FORUM works for about three months.  Then we expect two further innovations.  First, we will have designed a method for readers of THE FIRST, to submit comments on the posted forum. Second, we will then invite the formation of other regional editorial boards, probably from Eastern Europe and the Oceania.


POSTING ARTICLES: we are accepting any PUBLISHED articles that you want posted on our site.  Of course, if they have a connection to TRENTO great, but we will accept any published article to post: either as a PDF file or with a clear link to the journal

CLEARINGHOUSE: Because we get so many announcements, we are posting, jobs, fellowships, and calls for papers.  Please forward me the info you want posted.

TRANSLATING the ENTIRE SITE: You can translate the pages into up to 50 different languages, by using Google Translate.  Just click Google translate, then where it says English to German, choose any language you want (or just change it to German), then hit Translate Box.  The entire site will be completely translated!


Africa Region 

Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator reports that two of the available CTEWC Scholarships for the Advanced Training of African Women in Theological Ethics have been awarded. Names of the recipients will be announced in the next update. There is still one more scholarship for a PhD program. We are still receiving applications. Check details on the website http://www.catholicethics.com/development 

Beginning in the September issue of The First, we will feature every month for four months two of the eight PhD candidates. 

Latin America Region
The Planning Committee has commissioned MT Davila to form a team of three colleagues to travel to Brazil to meet with a variety of persons aiming to establishing a Latin American Scholarship Program 


Jim Keenan announces that the Plenary Papers have been edited by Orbis and will be published by the New Year as:  Catholic Theological Ethics, Past, Present, and Future: The Trento Conference.  The book is dedicated to The People of the Province and City of Trento, and most especially, Antonio Autiero.

Regarding the Second volume, Feminist Catholic Theological Ethics: Conversations in the World Church, Linda Hogan and AgbonkhianmegheOrobator intend to send out letters of invitation to submit to the volume on June 30, 2011.

Regarding the Third Volume, Just Sustainability: Technology, Ecology, and Resource Extraction, Christiana Peppard and Andrea Vicini intend on sending out letters of invitation to submit to the volume by November 30, 2011.

Regarding the Fourth volume, The Bible and Catholic Theological Ethics, Lucas Chan Yiu Sing and Ronaldo Zacharias intend to send out letters of invitation to the volume by April 30, 2012.

Regarding the Fifth volume, Catholic Theological Ethics on the Migrations of Peoples: Living with(out) Borders, Agnes Brazal and MT Davila intend o  sending letters of invitation to submit to their volume on September 30, 2012. 

Anyone who volunteered to submit will receive from me an update on their proposal.


Following the recent Planning Committee meeting in Boston, some initial plans have been made to hold a CTEWC Africa Regional Conference in August 2012, in Nairobi, Kenya. More details will be provided later.


Plans are underway to virtually bridge theological ethicists in the West with the forthcoming conference :“Wired Asia: Towards an Asian Feminist Theology of Human Connectivity” sponsored by The Ecclesia of Women in Asia.  For more on the Conference see the Asian Regional Report below.


By our meeting in Nairobi we expect to name a third new member to our planning committee.


Africa Regional Committee Report

The fourth and final member of the Africa Regional Conference Committee has been named. He is Elias Omondi Opongo. Elias is a doctoral peace researcher at Bradford University, Bradford, UK. The other members are Teresia Hinga, Victor Adangba and A. E. Orobator (Chair).

Asian Regional Committee Report

Conference on “Feminism in the Philippine Catholic Church”

In a historic event, 32 Filipino Catholic women doing theology in the academic, pastoral and grassroots levels, gathered for the first time last May 27-29 to look back at the past three decades of feminist theologizing in the Philippines.  The conference aims to document, assess and chart the future of “Feminism in the Philippine Catholic Church.” It was organized by a group composed of some members of the Ecclesia of Women in Asia, the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians and the Women’s Desk-Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines.  The papers presented in the conference will be published in a book edited by Virginia Fabella, MM and Agnes M. Brazal. The conference which brought together three generations of feminist theologians has also resulted into the formation of a forum that aims to advance feminist theologizing within the Philippine Catholic Church. 

Call for Participants on “Wired Asia: Towards an Asian Feminist Theology of Human Connectivity”

The Ecclesia of Women in Asia will hold its 5th biennial conference on November 6-9, 2011 on feminist ethical, theological and pastoral challenges in the use of computer-mediated information technologies in Asia. The following papers will be presented:

“Take Back The Tech! Take Control of Technology for Women's Rights (Jac SM Kee); Gendering of Cybertech (Shirley Soh); From Cyberchurch to Faith Tweets: Religion 2.0 on the Rise? (Pauline Cheong); A Narrative and Socio-Rhetorical Analysis on Judges 4.17-24 in Relation to the "Terrain" of Twitter and Facebook (Kristine Meneses); Re/Production of Vulnerable Female Asian Bodies across (Virtual) Time and (Cyber) Space: The Case of Japanese and Filipino Women (Jeane Peracullo); Sacralising Time and Space: Disciple SFX of Malaysia (Sharon A. Bong); For Better or For Worse: Migrant Women and Communication Technology (Gemma T. Cruz); The Atithi who Stayed: Cyberspace in the Family (Astrid Gajiwala Lobo); Just Relations in the Context of Internet Use by High School Girls (Flora Carandang); Theological-Ethical Challenges of Call-Center Jobs (Jennifer Villagonzalo); The Impact of Mobile Phones on Women’s Identity: Theological Perspectives (Prasuna Gnana); Wonderful & Weird Wired Space: Women Networking to Connect /Disconnect? (Margaret Gonsalves); Cyborg Indwelt by the Spirit (Agnes M. Brazal); A Spirituality for the IT Age (Amy Daniel); Spiritual Praxis through Photography: Towards an Alternative Media Behavior (Fu Lan Yap); and Wired Asia – A Flat World (?!!) (Virginia Saldanha)

Registration is still open to Catholic women theologians from Northeast Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc.), and feminist theologians from outside Asia so long as the latter do not exceed 10% of the total number of participants. To register, contact "Julia Ong" <ijjosy@gmail.com>.  Please relay this to interested friends.

Lucas Chan Yiu Sing 


Last week Joe Selling celebrated becoming emeritus professor of the Faculty of Theology at the KULeuven.  The university presented him with a special double issue of Louvain Studies dedicated to him.  He in turn gave us all a new web site. Check it out:


You can send him congratulatory words at: Joseph.Selling@theo.kuleuven.be

Be Well!

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