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Among a variety of things to see, check out my article “What Happened at Trento 2010?” in Theological Studies on the page, “Articles after Trento”:  Read More

Anyone who has an article from or about Trento, please send it and we will post it.

In future editions, we will be building up the site.  We will make it more and more multi-language accessible.  We will be posting the photos from Padova and Trento.  And we have been reviewing the more than 60 replies to our questionnaire and those too will be posted (without any attribution) to anyone.

Jillian Maxey is our web-designer.  I like it very much.  Interestingly, the page appears differently on different servers.  Internet explorer presents it with square edges; firefox with rounded ones.

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Finally, I am going to Rome next week. The following week, I am heading up to Amsterdam to meet Linda Hogan.  Together we will meet with the Staff at Porticus.

We are light on news for March, so make April thick with it.

From  Germany

Gerard Kruip writes “Probably you have heard or read about our "memorandum" for a new beginning in the Catholic Church ( On our website, we now have posted translations to several languages. To show, that the problems we mention are not only problems of the German Catholic Church (as some bishops want to think) we now invite also professors of catholic theology all over the world to sign our memorandum (by sending a mail to  Therefore, I would like to ask you to communicate this information and to invite professors of catholic theology to sign the memorandum.

Thank you very much!

Gerhard Kruip\\

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kruip
Christliche Anthropologie und Sozialethik
Kath.-Theol. Fakultät im FB 01 der Universität Mainz
Saarstraße 21
Neues Büro: Raum 01-531, Forum 5, 1. Stock
55099 Mainz
Tel. 06131-3922699

From Ireland

Maureen Junker-Kenny sends us this news about her new book: Here are the ISBN details:
Maureen Junker-Kenny, Habermas and Theology (Philosophy and Theology series) (London/New York: T & T Clark/Continuum, 2011), x + 213 pp., ISBN 978-0-567-03323-9, £ 15,-

With his theory of communicative rationality, Jürgen Habermas has been one of the most influential social philosophers of the 20th century and a major dialogue partner for theology in the different stages of his work. Systematic and practical theology, theory of religious education and theological ethics have offered creative receptions and astute critiques. The book explores Habermas's renewal of Critical Theory of the first generation of the Frankfurt School through his paradigm change from the philosophy of consciousness to language. His postmetaphysical understanding of philosophy and the foundations of his discourse ethics are followed up into his recent demand for a species ethics in critique of genetic enhancement. The philosophical critiques of his work that are relevant for theology are explained and the successive phases of his view of religion are traced: supersessionism, co-existence, and finally cooperation in offering specific resources and shared criteria for public debate on the future directions of a technologically shaped pluralist culture.

Many thanks for your help, and to the office who I hope are dealing with such matters!
Maureen Junker-Kenny
Associate Professor of Theology
School of Religions and Theology
Trinity College
IRL-Dublin 2.

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