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Upcoming Planning Committee Meeting
Regional Reports from Africa, Asia, and Latin America
Website update: Update on Trento Plenary Papers

The Planning Committee will be meeting at Boston College from May 19-22

Our schedule is
May 20: The Book Series
May 21: AM: Scholarships: Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe
May 21: PM Regional Meeting in Nairobi 2012
May 22:  website

Planning Committee Members

Linda Hogan (Ireland) and James Keenan (US), co-chairs
Antonio Autiero (Germany)
Agnes Brazal (Philippines)
Lúcás Chan Yiu Sing (Hong Kong)
MT Davila (Puerto Rico)
Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator (Nigeria/Kenya)
Andrea Vicini (Italy)
Toni Ross (US) 

Since we will be discussing the book series at this meeting two of the volume editors are also joining us

Christiana Peppard (US)
Ronaldo Zacharias (Brazil) 

Also, we will be discussing scholarships for Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, we will also be meeting with the development committee

Andrea Vicini (Italy), Chair;
Gina Wolfe (US);
Hans Wennink (Netherlands);
Kristin Heyer (US) 

Finally we will be making plans for another regional meeting, next year in Nairobi (Following the successful meeting in Manila, August 2008)

If you have any interest in proposing a paper for any of our books in the series, (See send me your suggestion before May 18th

3 Regional Reports:

African Regional Committee Report
We have received funding for the next phase of CTEWC scholarship for African women. Five of the original seven women are continuing their studies up to PhD level. One woman has been awarded scholarship to begin a PhD programme and we are currently accepting applications for the remaining two scholarships. CTEWC friends who know African women who might qualify for the scholarship programmes should encourage them to apply. More details can be found on CTEWC website.

Plans for a Regional Conference in the first quarter of 2012 are in preliminary stages.

One of the members of the African Regional Committee, Victor Adangba, SJ, is rector of the Jesuit School of Theology in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Several CTEWC friends teach there. They were the victims of a recent attack by armed bandits. Do keep them in your prayers.

A.   E. Orobator, SJ

Asian Regional Committee Report
New Doctoral Program Offered:
The St. Vincent School of Theology-Adamson University, Philippines, is opening a doctoral program for Moral and Systematic Theology in academic year 2011-12 (1st term starts in June; the 2nd term in November). The program requires 48 units of coursework and a doctoral dissertation. For further information, please contact the Dean, Fr. Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM.

Prayers Requested:
Let’s continue to pray in solidarity with the victims in the recent catastrophe in north Japan.

Latin American Report 

The Latin America planning Committee with members from Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, has been in conversation to determine the best strategy moving forward. Our two goals, 1) to develop financial support for students pursuing doctoral degrees in theological ethics, and, 2) to explore the possibility of a regional meeting of Latin American ethicists. For this purpose we are contacting diverse scholars in Latin America, including ongoing consultation with philosopher Enrique Dussel. Three questions dominate our considerations on both goals. Please read them carefully as we hope that you will contribute to our discussion:

  1. Considering the interdisciplinary nature of much theological studies in Latin American institutions, what is the best way to establish a vibrant network of ethicists in the region and to support doctoral programs in theological ethics?
  2. What is the employment picture facing young ethicists in Latin America today? How do we best support this segment of the academy?
  3. What institutions currently offer doctoral programs in ethics in Latin America? Please provide their name, contact information if available, and one or two sentences that describe the institution.

The Latin America Planning Committee hopes that the CTEWC network will help us moving our planning forward. There are exciting possibilities and we would like to have more concrete plans by summer’s end. Please send your comments on these questions to María Teresa Dávila at

CTEWC – América Latina – 1ero de mayo – avances

El Comité de Planificación de América Latina, con miembros en Brazil, Méjico y Argentina, ha estado en diálogo para determinar las mejores estrategias hacia el futuro. Tenemos dos metas principales: 1) desarrollar apoyo financiero para estudiantes en programas doctorales en ética teológica, y 2) explorar las posibilidades de una reunión regional de eticistas latinoamericanos. Con este propósito estamos en contacto con varios académicos de América Latina, incluyendo consultas con el filósofo Enrique Dussel. Nuestras consideraciones de estas dos metas están marcadas por tres preguntas. Por favor lean estas preguntas detalladamente para que nos puedan proveer sus opiniones e ideas:

  1. ¿Considerando la naturaleza interdisciplinaria de los estudios teológicos en América Latina, cuál es la mejor manera de establecer una red de eticistas vibrante en la región y como mejor apoyamos los programas doctorales?
  2. ¿Cuál es el panorama de empleo que les espera a los estudiantes de doctorado en ética en América Latina? ¿De qué manera podemos apoyar al sector laboral de la academia?
  3. ¿Qué instituciones en América Latina tienen programas existentes en ética? Por favor provea nombre de la institución, contactos si los sabe, y una o dos oraciones que nos ayude a conocer la institución un poco mejor.

El Comité de Planificación de América Latina espera que la red de CTEWC nos ayude contestando estas preguntas para facilitar nuestra panificación. Existen algunas oportunidades interesantes y queremos tener planes más concretos para el fin del verano. Por favor envíen sus comentario e ideas a María Teresa Dávila a

If you want news reported in THE FIRST contact

Orobator for Africa
Lúcás for Asia and Oceania
Linda for Europe
Antonio for Eastern Europe
MT for Latin America
Jim for North America

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Trento Plenary Papers 
Editing the plenary papers from Trento 2010 is nearly finished.  We expect full submission to Orbis Press by the end of May

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