Agustin Ortega Cabera

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Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE, Ibarra)

Graduate Student

Prior Education Background:
Doctor of Humanities and Theology Ph. D. International School of Doctorate of the University of Murcia / Superior Institute of Theology of Murcia (Pontifical University Antonianum, Rome). - Doctor in the branch of Social Sciences Ph. D. Department of Psychology and Sociology, University of Las Palmas de GC. (ULPGC). - Licentiate (Postgraduate) in Theology, Master-Specialty in Dogmatic Theology. Institute of Theology of the Canary Islands (ISTIC). - Postgraduate Specialization: University Expert in Morals (Philosophical-Theological Ethics) and Law, Current Issues of Morals. Spanish University of Distance Education (UNED) -Instituto Superior de Ciencias Morales (ISCM, Madrid). - Social Worker (ULPGC).

Email Address:

Recent Publications: Theological anthropology of liberating justice with the poor. The martyrdom of Mons. Romero, Card. Müller and Liberation Theology Agustín Ortega Cabrera Carthaginensia: Journal of Studies and Research, ISSN 0213-4381, Vol. 32, No. 61, 2016, pp. 197-201 Article Social Thought from Anthropology and Ethics in Theological Perspective. Keys to Pedagogy in Humanism-Values ​​of the Church's Social Doctrine Agustín Ortega Cabrera Cauriensia: annual magazine of Ecclesiastical Sciences, ISSN 1886-4945, Nº. 11, 2016, pp. 757-768 Article After Unamuno. In dialogue with Latin American personalism and thought: Anthropological perspectives for social philosophy and ethics Agustín Ortega Cabrera Salamanca notebooks of philosophy, ISSN 0210-4857, Nº 43, 2016, pp. 125-136 Social psychology and sociology from the Franciscan and Ignatian spirituality Agustín Ortega Cabrera Truth and Life: Journal of the Sciences of the Spirit, ISSN 0042-3718, no. 266, 2015, pp. 105-115 Article Knowledge, University and Society since Thomas Aquinas. In tribute to Professor Segundo Díaz. Agustín Ortega Cabrera Thomist Science, ISSN 0210-0398, Vol. 141, no. 455, 2014, pp. 543-548 Article Notes of Social Philosophy in dialogue with Theology: contributions to a culture and political ethics Agustín Ortega Cabrera Lumen: synthesis and orientation journal of ecclesiastical sciences, ISSN 0456-8494, Vol. 63, no. 4, 2014, pp. 449-474 Article Social thought, morality and mission from Pope Francis. Agustín Ortega Cabrera Moralia: revista de ciencias morales, ISSN 0210-0851, Vol. 37, no. 144, 2014, pp. 441-461 Article

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
- Professor and Researcher of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador Ibarra Headquarters (PUCE-SI) and at the University Center for Studies of the Diocesan Seminary of Ibarra. - External Investigator of the Department of Humanities and Philosophy of Loyola Andalucia University and Researcher of the European Foundation for the Study and Ethical Reflection (FUNDERÉTICA), associated to the Higher Institute of Moral Sciences (ISCM, Madrid).

Research Interests:

  • Fundamental moral theology
  • Social ethics
  • Political ethics
  • Business ethics
  • History of theological ethics
  • Economic and employment issues
  • Virtue ethics
  • Human rights
  • War and peace
  • Globalization

Past Events:

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