Fr. Peter Mbaro

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The Catholic University of Eastern Africa


Academic Position:
Senior Lecturer

Prior Education Background:
1989-Baccalaureate in Philosophy, Urbaniana University—Rome, Italy. 1993-Baccalaureate in Theology, Urbaniana University—Rome, Italy. 2003-STL of Moral Theology, Catholic University of Eastern Africa—Nairobi. 2007-STD in Social Doctrine of the Church, Lateran Pontifical University, Rome, Italy.

Email Address:

Link to personal website or University Profile:

Recent Publications:
Mbaro, P. W., The Christian Family as the Centre for the Education for Peace as Proposed in the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation “Ecclesia in Africa”: A Challenge to the Church in Kenya, (Doctoral Thesis Abstract). (2007). Roma: Lateran Pontifical University. Mbaro, P. W., Makers of Peacemakers: Christian Family Based education for Peace in the Context of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Limuru: Franciscan Kolbe Press, 2010. Mbaro, P. W., “The Christian Family and Education for Peace”, in Tenamwenye, J. (ed.), Christian Social Encounter, Issue No. 1, Nairobi: CUEA Press, 2011. Mbaro, P. W., “The Role of the Church in Building Durable Peace in Africa: the University Option”, in Tenamwenye J. (ed.), African Universities Educating for Peace, Nairobi: CUEA Press, 2011. Mbaro, P. W., “Cutting the Bud of Corruption: The Primary Responsibility of the Family”, in Corruption: A Threat to Justice and Sustainable Peace in Africa, a paper presented during the International Conference on Corruption organized by the Centre for Social Justice and Ethics, to be Published. Mbaro, P. W., “The Family and Reproductive Technologies: The Ethical Perspective”, in Reproductive Technologies and Christian Ethics: Dialogue or Confrontation, a paper presented during The Social Theological Forum on 16th Sept 2011, to be Published.

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
Lecturer in the field of the Social Teaching of the Church, Christian Ethics, Leadership and management.

Research Interests:

  • Social ethics
  • War and peace
  • Environmental ethics

Past Events:

  • Trent 2010

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