Kristin Heyer

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Santa Clara, CA United States

Santa Clara University


Academic Position:
Bernard J. Hanley Professor

Prior Education Background:
2003 Ph.D., theological ethics, Boston College 1996, A.B., history, Brown University

Email Address:

Link to personal website or University Profile:

Recent Publications:
Kinship Across Borders: A Christian Ethic of Immigration. Georgetown University Press, 2012. “The Social Witness and Theo-political Imagination of the Movements: Creating a New Social Space as Challenge to Catholic Social Thought,” Journal of Catholic Social Thought 10.2 (2013) 317-340. “Legalization and the Undocumented According to Catholic Social Teaching,” in Todd Scribner and J. Kevin Appleby, eds., On “Strangers No Longer:” Perspectives on the Historic U.S.-Mexican Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Migration. Paulist Press, 2013, 87-106. “Reservoirs of Hope: Catholic Women’s Witness” in Kathleen J. Dolphin and Rosemary P. Carbine eds., Women, Wisdom, Witness: Engaging Contexts in Conversation (Liturgical Press, 2012) 219-236. “Reframing Displacement and Membership: Ethics of Migration,” Theological Studies 73.1 (March 2012) 188-206. “A Feminist Appraisal of Catholic Social Thought,” For the City and the World: Conversations in Catholic Studies and Social Thought (University of San Francisco Press, 2010) 8-22. A Response to “Restorative Justice as a Prophetic Path to Peace?” Plenary Address by Stephen J. Pope, CTSA Annual Proceedings 65 (2010) 35-42. “Social Sin and Immigration: Good Fences make Bad Neighbors,” Theological Studies 71.2 (June 2010) 410-436. “Community-Based Learning” in Thomas Rausch, S.J., Educating for Faith and Justice: Catholic Higher Education Today (Liturgical Press, 2010) 103-111. “Immigration: A Faithful Approach to Matters of Citizenship,” Journal of Religion and Society Supplement Series 4 (2008) 135-149. Catholics and Politics: The Dynamic Tension between Faith and Power, ed. with Michael Genovese and Mark Rozell. Georgetown University Press, 2008. Prophetic and Public: The Social Witness of U.S. Catholicism. Georgetown University Press, 2006.

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
Co-editor, Moral Traditions Series, Georgetown University Press Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church: Planning Committee for the Future, 2012-present; Chair, North American Regional Committee, 2012- present; Member, Development Committee, 2011-2012 Appointed member, National Seminar for Jesuit Higher Education, 2013-2016 Catholic Theological Society of America: Board member, 2009-2011 Editorial Consultant, Theological Studies, 2008-2012 Member, Society of Christian Ethics, American Academy of Religion

Research Interests:

  • Social ethics
  • Political ethics
  • Human rights
  • Feminist ethics
  • Globalization
  • Public health

Past Events:

  • Berlin 2013
  • Trent 2010

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