Lúcás Chan

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Dublin, Dublin 2 Ireland

Trinity College Dublin/ISE


Academic Position:
Michael Hurley Fellow

Prior Education Background:
PhD in Theological Ethics, Theology Department, Boston College, MA, USA, 2010 STL in Moral Theology, Weston Jesuit School of Theology, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2007 MA in Pastoral Ministry (MDiv. equivalent), Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines, 2005 MEd in International Management and Policy Studies in Education, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1999

Email Address:

Recent Publications:
Biblical Ethics in the Twenty-first Century: Developments, Emerging Consensus, and Future Directions. Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2013. “Catholic Theological Ethics: Some Reflections on the Asian Scenario.” In Moral Theology in India Today. Edited by Shaji George Kochuthara. Bangalore: Dharmaram, 2013 Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships, by James V. Brownson. Theological Studies (2013) [book review] The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes: Biblical Studies and Ethics for Real Life. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield/Sheed and Ward, 2012. “Bridging Christian and Confucian Ethics: Is the Bridge Adequately Catholic and Asian?” Asian Christian Review 5, no. 1 (Summer 2011): 49-73. “As West Meets East: Reading Xunzi’s ‘A Discussion of Rites’ – Through the Lens of Contemporary Western Ritual Theories.” In ‘Ahme nach, was du vollziehst.’ Positionsbestimmungen zum Verhältnis von Liturgie und Ethik. Edited by Martin Stuflesser and Stephan Winter, 101-20. Regensburg, Germany: Friedrich Pustet KG, 2009.

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
Visiting Professor, Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, a Graduate School of Santa Clara University, USA, 2012. Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2011. International Visiting Fellowship, Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University, USA, 2010-11. Visiting Fellowship, Yale Divinity School, Yale University, USA, 2010-11. “Catholic Theological Ethics: Some Reflections on the Asian Scenario,” National Workshop on Moral Theology in India, Bangalore, India, July 12-15, 2012. “Jesus and Confucius on Virtue: Bridging Christian and Confucian Ethics.” Public Lecture at Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley/Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, May 1, 2012. “Bridging Christian and Confucian Ethics: Is the Bridge Adequately Catholic and Asian?” Presentation at the 2nd International “Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church” Conference, Trent, Italy, July 24-27, 2010. Catholic Theological Society of America Society of Christian Ethics Member of the editorial board of Asian Horizons

Research Interests:

  • Fundamental moral theology
  • Sexual ethics
  • Virtue ethics

Past Events:

  • Berlin 2013
  • Nairobi 2012
  • Trent 2010
  • Padua 2006

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