Matthew Shadle

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Dubuque, IA United States

Loras College


Academic Position:
Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Theology

Prior Education Background:
Ph.D. in Theology, University of Dayton, 2007 M.A. in Theological Studies, University of Dayton, 2003 B.A. in Religion, Hendrix College, 2001

Email Address:

Link to personal website or University Profile:

Recent Publications:
The Origins of War: A Catholic Perspective (Georgetown, 2011) "Theology and the Origins of Conflict: The Shining Path Insurgency in Peru," Political Theology 14 (2013). "What is at Stake in the Debate Over Presumptions in the Just War Tradition," Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 32 (2012). "Twenty Years of Interpreting Centesimus Annus on the Economy," Journal of Catholic Social Thought 9 (2012). "No Peace on Earth: War and the Environment," in Green Discipleship: Catholic Theological Ethics and the Environment, ed. Tobias Winright (Anselm Academic, 2011). "Cavanaugh on the Church and the Modern State: An Appraisal," Horizons 37 (2010).

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
American Academy of Religion Catholic Theological Society of America College Theology Society Society of Christian Ethics

Research Interests:

  • Fundamental moral theology
  • Social ethics
  • Political ethics
  • History of theological ethics
  • Economic and employment issues
  • Human rights
  • War and peace
  • Globalization

Past Events:

  • Trent 2010

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