Pablo A. Blanco Gonzalez

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Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Chaco Argentina

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina


Academic Position:
Faculty chair in "Moral Theology and Social Doctrine of the Church"

Prior Education Background:
2001 - Degree in Political Science (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2007 - Master in Social Doctrine of the Church (Pontificial University of Salamanca, Spain). 2009 - Diploma in Fund Raising Management, University of Indiana, Center on Philanthropy – Fund Raising School, US). 2012 - Master in Public Administration (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Email Address:

Recent Publications:
2013 - “Public Administration & State Public Policies” (Book Chapter) 2012 - “The Cash Converter and the financial crisis” (Article) 2011 - “Challenges in building autonomic Judiciary on the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires” (Article) 2010 - “Memoirs of the Bicentennial”(Article) 2010 - “Thomas More: Inspiration for new Political Ethics” (Article) 2009 - “War or Peace: Obama’s Nobel Prize”(Article) 2005 - “Bureaucracy, Management and Community: Facing the challenges of widespread poverty” (Article)

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
- Professor – “Moral and Social Commitment”: Pontificial Catholic University of Argentina. - Professor – “Sociology of Public Organizations”: University of Buenos Aires - Postgraduate School (Argentina). - Professor – “Public Policies": University of Buenos Aires - Postgraduate School (Argentina). - Visiting Professor – “Policy Perspectives in Latin America”: University of Salamanca, Faculty of Political Science (Spain). AFFILIATIONS - Catholic Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC) - Latin American Regional Committee member. - International Political Scientists Association (IPSA-AISP) - Associate member - Argentine Society of Political Analysis (SAAP) - Associate member - Thomas More Society of Argentina - Associate member

Research Interests:

  • Fundamental moral theology
  • Social ethics
  • Political ethics
  • Human rights

Past Events:

  • Trent 2010

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