Veronica Rop

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Rift Valley, Rift Valley Turbo Kenya

Assumption Sisters of Eldoret

Graduate Student

Dissertation Director:
Rev. Dr. Richard Rwiza & Rev. Prof. Constance Bansikiza

Dissertation Title:
Human Dignity: Study on the Participation of Women in Integral Human Development among the Kalenjin in the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret-Kenya

Expected Date of Graduation:

Prior Education Background:
1.BS-Exceptional Student Barry University, Miami-Shores, Florida, US, 2005. 2. BA- Theology, Barry University, 2005. 3. MS- Counseling, Barry University, 2007. 4. MA-Practical Theology, Barry University, 2009.

Email Address:

Recent Publications:
Role of Social Media in Kenya: A Threat or Opportunity African Women and Political Participation: A Worrying Trend, Escalation of Killings in Kenya: A Call for Respect for Human Life, Ushering African Women into the Year of Faith: Reflection on Motu Proprio Data CTEWC in Africa after Trento: Engaging the African Synod, The African Synod: The Participation of Women in Reconciliation Justice and Peace, The Challenge Posed by Apostolic Letter Mulieris Dignitatem to the African Perspective on the Dignity of Women.

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
Visiting Lecturer at Tangaza University College, Kenya

Research Interests:

  • Social ethics
  • Human rights
  • Feminist ethics
  • Gender

Past Events:

  • Nairobi 2012
  • Trent 2010

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