Gonzalo Villagran

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Granada, Andalucia Spain

Facultad de Teologia de Granada


Academic Position:
Professor of Christian Social Ethics

Prior Education Background:
Sacred Theology Doctorate, Boston College 2012 Canonical Licence in Theology, Centre Sèvre, Paris, 2009 Baccalaureate in Theology, Facultad de Teologia de Granada, 2007 Grade in Business Administration, Universidad de Sevilla, 1998.

Email Address:

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Recent Publications:
Villagrán, Gonzalo. Public Theology in a Foreign Land: A Proposal for Bringing Theology in Public into the Spanish Context. Saarbrücken: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013. Villagrán, Gonzalo. "The Future of Catholic Public Theology: Mediating the Church and the World in Pluralistic Societies" in Ahern, Kevin ed. Visions of Hope. Emerging Theologians and the Future of the Church. Mariknoll: Orbis, 2013. pp. 151-166. Villagran, Gonzalo “La relación religión-sociedad en Rawls. Una comparación con la doctrina del concilio Vaticano II,” Revista de Fomento Social, 264 (2011), 647-681. Villagran, Gonzalo. “Teología pública: una propuesta para hablar teológicamente de temas sociales a la sociedad pluralista española,” Revista de Fomento Social, 268 (2012), 635-665. Villagrán, Gonzalo. "Mancharse las manos en el escenario político." Sal Terrae 101 (2013) 617-630.

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
Member of the Society of Christian Ethics since 2011.

Research Interests:

  • Fundamental moral theology
  • Social ethics
  • Political ethics
  • Economic and employment issues
  • Human rights
  • Globalization

Past Events:

  • Trent 2010

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