Vincenzo Viva

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Rome, Italy

Accademia Alfonsiana, Rome


Prior Education Background:
Vincenzo Viva, born and grown up in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), priest of the Diocese of Nardò-Gallipoli (Italy), pursued his studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome), at the Institute of Bioethics of the Università Cattolica del “Sacro Cuore” (Rome) and at the Accademia Alfonsiana (Rome). He has been an Associate Professor of Moral Theology at the Theological Faculty of Puglia (Italy). Currently he is the Rector of the Pontifical Urban College “de Propaganda Fide” and teaches Moral Theology at the Accademia Alfonsiana in Rome. Areas of interest: Fundamental Moral Theology, History of Moral Theology, and Bioethics.

Professional Activities and Affiliations:
Member of: - ATISM (Associazione teologica italiana per lo studio della morale), - Societas Ethica (Europe) - European Society of Catholic Theology (Europe)

Research Interests:

  • Fundamental moral theology
  • Medical ethics
  • History of theological ethics

Past Events:

  • Trent 2010

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