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Just last weekend Just Sustainability was the subject of a panel presentation at the annual meeting of the College Theology Society in Portland, Oregon. The conference theme was "An Unexpected Wilderness: Seeking God on a Changing Planet," and so Tobias Winwright of the CTEWC North American regional committee convened a panel to probe such themes and mark the publication of Just Sustainability: Technology, Ecology, and Resource Extraction (March 2015), edited by Christiana Z. Peppard and Andrea Vicini, S.J., volume 3 of the CTEWC Series published by Orbis. Stay tuned for the next issue of "The First" where we will report on the panel's discussion of the book's pedagogical usefulness for infusing cross-cultural theological ethics-about the planet and from Catholic perspectives from elsewhere around the planet-into classrooms in a North American context. The panel included Nancy M. Rourke, who authored "A Catholic Virtues Ecology," Daniel R. DiLeo, who wrote "Fostering Just Sustainability through Ignatian Spirituality," and Daniel Scheid, who has written extensively on the subject elsewhere. 


This month at the annual meeting of the Catholic Theological Society of America, the "Beyond Trento: North American Moral Theology in a Global Church" interest group will continue the conversation we reported on last summer with its second of three sessions. If you plan to attend the CTSA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, feel free to join us on Friday, June 12 at 11:00-12:45 as we further address the "The Cross-Cultural Challenge to North American Theological Ethics." Christine Firer Hinze, Anne Arabome and Victor Carmona will take up the questions of what it means for North American Catholic ethicists to recast teaching and scholarship in light of cross-cultural and global contributions and perspectives, and by what criteria to evaluate the adequacy of North Americans' engagement with such perspectives in order to safeguard against misappropriation or tokenism. The group will also launch the Just Sustainability volume at the session's conclusion.


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