The first Doctoral graduate of CTEWC

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Sr. Ojo, Anthonia Bolanle B. SSMA, a beneficiary of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church's scholarship is a professed member of an indigenous congregation of women in Nigeria, known as Sisters of Saint Michael the Archangel, founded by Bishop Michael Fagun in 1986. She made her first and final professions in the same congregation in 1994 and 2000 respectively.


She had her first degree in 2004 and second degree in 2011 from the Catholic Institute of West Africa, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. In her Masters thesis, entitled "Electronic Media and Moral Formation of Youth in Ekiti State in the Light of Ethics in Communication 16", she explored how the youth in the present information age are negatively influenced through unmonitored access to the negative contents of the media.


Thanks to the CTEWC scholarship for the advancement of African women in theological ethics. Having being awarded the scholarship, she enrolled in a PhD programme at the same Institution in 2011 and on 12th June 2014 with the help of God, successfully defended her doctoral dissertation entitled: HUMAN DIGNITY IN REDEMPTOR HOMINIS 14: A MORAL THEOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION IN THE NIGERIAN CONTEXT. In this dissertation, she investigates the numerous challenges to the dignity of the human person in Nigeria in contemporary society. She describes how human persons in Nigeria suffer joblessness, malnutrition, poverty, insecurity of lives and property, violation of human rights and lack of basic needs necessary to uphold his/her dignity. All these are attributed to bad leadership and poor management of the natural resources that the country is endowed with. Unjust structures have led to all sorts of immorality in the society, including arbitrary killings, kidnappings/abduction, sexual violence, bombing among others. Regrettably, these unjust structures are not limited to the civil society but are also glaringly obvious in some evidences of social injustice in the Church in Nigeria. Investigating these in the light of the teaching of John Paul II in Redemptor Hominis that the human person, created in the image of God and redeemed by Christ, should be at the centre of every developmental progress in society. She argues that if social development is geared towards promoting the common good, and the human person is placed at the centre of the transformations and advancements in the Nigerian society, then the country will be a better place for the people to live a dignified life.


At the successful completion of her doctoral programme, she is grateful to God for good health and strength she enjoyed throughout the period of her studies. She is grateful to her family and congregation for their support and in a special way, she is sincerely grateful to CTEWC for the privilege granted her by awarding her a scholarship for her doctoral studies and other privileges she enjoys from them.


God bless CTEWC family!

God bless CTEWC benefactors and benefactresses!!

God bless CTEWC!!

REV. Sr. Dr. Anthonia Bolanle Ojo, SSMA.




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