Two New Iniatives with the Latin American Bishops Conference (CELAM)

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Pablo Blanco of Argentina shares two great announcements regarding efforts dedicated to strengthening the bonds between the Latin American Bishops Conference (CELAM) and the faithful in Latin America:

The first is the launch of a virtual platform under the title “”, a project by CELAM that aims to virtually connect all bishops in Latin America. It can be accessed through two sites:

Secondly, Pablo Blanco has been named general director of the journal “LatidoAmérica,” recently launched by the Press and Communications Department of CELAM. It attempts to be a medium through which to make known better attitudes, practices, projects, and initiatives that are already taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean. It attempts to document wherever people are making innovative and lasting contributions, communities that are forging new ground, new institutions and social organizations that are seeking alternatives and opportunities for a better life for all.

It deals with novelties which, in the same manner as the burning bush where God is made present, does not exhaust itself as time moves on, but remains alight, illuminating, sustained through those whose witness to lives given up for others. Those who wish to be nourished by this news as well as bring to light other news that should be shared in this network, will find opportunities for sharing through “LatidoAmerica”.

Please access the journal through the following web pages:

- Portal:

- Institutional:

- About Us:




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