Scholarship Initiatives

We are very happy to report that we have been encouraged by a major benefactor to apply for the complete and full funding of our Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church Scholarship Programme for African Women.  This programme represents the most significant development in regard to the training and formation of the next generation of African women theologians, particularly in the area of theological ethics. This scholarship fund is administered by a subcommittee of the African Region committee and has Orobator as chair, and Linda Hogan and Jim Keenan as subcommittee members.

Because of the success in Africa, the Planning Committee decided to make a commitment to funding future lay theological ethicists out of Latin America.  To develop funding possibilities as well as locating needs and resources, we have asked MT Davila to chair the subcommittee for scholarships for the Latin American Region.  To date, we report that Tony Mifsud (Chile) has agreed to serve on the committee.

We also decided to explore the possibility of setting up similar scholarship funds in Asia and Eastern Europe. We have asked, Lucas Chan Yiu Sing to chair the subcommittee for scholarships for the Asian Region.  To date Eric Genilo (Philippines) has agreed to serve on that subcommittee.  Antonio Autiero has agreed to serve on the subcommittee for scholarships for the Eastern European Region and is presently recruiting other members.

Scholarship Committees

African Scholarship Committee: Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator (Nigeria/Kenya), Chair; Linda Hogan (Ireland); James Keenan (US)

Latin American Scholarship Committee: MT Davila (Puerto Rico), Chair; Tony Mifsud (Chile)

Asian Scholarship Committee:  Lucas Chan Yiu Sing (Hong Kong); Eric Genilo (Philippines); Shaji George Kochuthara (India)

Current Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship for Advanced Training of African Women in Theological Ethics

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