Invitaton to the Conference on Amoris laetitia at the Faculty of Theology of Opole University, 24th November 2016 (by Konrad Glombik)

Is the post-synodal apostolic exhortation Amoris laetita evolution or revolution in the teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage? This topic will be discussed during the conference that will take at the Faculty of Theology of the Opole University on November 24th 2016. The newest ecclesial document published in the year of mercy confronts the condition, problems and challenges of the modern marriages and families from the point of view of mercy and the idea of discernment. It is connected with many different, sometimes contradictory, interpretations. Some of them are on the way of traditional depiction others are in the modern and liberal perspective. The question that will be discussed at Opole University has to show if and how Amoris laetitia is a part of the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage and in which dimensions contains new aspects and solutions of the complex problems of modern marriages and families. Is the teaching contains in Amoris laetita evolution or revolution in the teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage.

At the conference will participate theologians from different European countries, that will speak on theological and pastoral questions connected with Amoris laetitia. First session concerns the general perspective of the pontifical document. Eberhard Schockenhoff from Freiburg/Germany will speak on the change of the theological paradigm and the new pastoral areas. On pastoral discernment in Amoris laetita will speak Anna Abram from Hythrop College/London. Sigrid Müller from Wienna/Austria will reflect on the role of the moral theology after Amoris laetita.

During the second session will be discussed more detailed questions of Amoris laetita. Willibald Sandler from Innsbruck/Austria will speak on sacramental mercy and the lack of sacramental mercy for people in the complex situations. On the problem of dilemma of conscience will speak Ireneusz Mroczkowski from Warsaw/Poland. Marian Machinek from Olsztyn/Poland will speak on the question of insolubility of marriage.

The third session is dedicated to the reception of Amoris laetita and challenges connected with this document in some European countries. Gusztáv Kovács from Pecs/Ungary will speak about situation in Ungary and changes in this country connected with Amoris laetita. On reception of Amoris laetita in Slowenia will speak Roman Globokar from Ljubljana/Slowenia. Konrad Glombik from Opole/Poland will speak on the problem of interpretation of Amoris laetita in a pluralistic society. The aim of the conference is to find answers and clarity on some theological questions connected with Amoris laetita and to look for ways to practice of its message in the pastoral.

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