Fellowships and Grants

SVST-Manila (The Philippines)

The  St. Vincent School of Theology which started its PhD program in Theological Ethics in March 2013 has at present five PhD students and one student in the Bridge program. The five PhD students are Kristine C. Meneses (Philippines), Chrispinus K. Mutondo, CECC (Kenya), Megawati Naibaho, KYM (Indonesia), Mariefe I. Revollido (Philippines), and Sathish Kumar Thiyagarajan (India). Meneses, Naibaho, and Revollido passed their comprehensive exams in 2016. Meneses defended her dissertation proposal on “’Welcoming’ the Other: Ethics of Deafhood” in January 2015, while Naibaho defended her proposal on “The Oppression of Toba Batak Women in Indonesia and the Gospel of Freedom and Respect for Women” in December 2015.  As part of SVST’s joint collaboration with the DePaul University, Meneses was also awarded a two month fellowship at the DePaul University, Chicago in 2015 to do research on her dissertation on Ethics of Deafhood. Siphim Xavier, OSU (Thailand) whose MA degree is in Education, is currently in the PhD Bridge program where she is required to take additional MA units in theology as well as submit a research paper to fully qualify for the PhD program. 

SVST-Manila Students

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