Job Posting: 
At the Faculty of Catholic Theology of the University of Vienna the position of a University Professor of Social Ethics (full time, permanent position) is to be filled; in case of a first time appointment to a professorship, the appointment may be initially limited – with an extension option The successful candidate must be able to broadly represent the field of Social Ethics in both teaching and research. She/He must be an internationally recognised scholar demonstrating outstanding research in one or more areas (e.g., human rights ethics, economic ethics). The Faculty of Catholic Theology wishes to significantly increase interdisciplinary collaborations within the University of Vienna. In this respect, the Social Ethics team is expected to focus in particular on collaborations with the Social Sciences, Law, Economics, and Philosophy. The successful candidate must actively contribute to research networks and other staff collaborations within the Faculty. She/He is also expected to engage in activities of broader societal relevance (such as, e.g., participating in Ethics committees). The successful candidate must have a Diploma and a doctorate in Catholic Theology. The deadline for applications is January 7, 2019. Read the full job description here.

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