CTEWC Visiting Professorship Program

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Application Procedure

The CTEWC Visiting Professorship program is open to application from any theological ethicist who wishes to teach/team-teach and engage in collaborative research work for a period of one to five months in a theological institution in another country. In the initial phase of the program, institutions in Nairobi-Kenya, Bangalore-India, or Manila-Philippines, will host the visiting professor who can teach in English. The CTEWC would cover the cost of the airfare. The visiting professor would not get remunerated but her or his board and lodging and basic health needs will be taken care of by the host institution.   

All prospective visiting professors must e-mail their application form as well as Curriculum Vitae to James Keenan, sj james.keenan.2@bc.edu and the Site coordinator in the preferred host country/ies (India – Shaji George Kochuthara, cmi, kochuthshaji@gmail.com; Kenya – Elias Omondi, sj,  eliasomondi@gmail.com; Philippines – Agnes M. Brazal, agnesmbrazal@gmail.com

Application forms should be submitted at least seven months before the beginning of the semester/term in the host country. Below is the school calendar in the host countries:

India (Dharmaram College, Bangalore) 1st semester, 1st week of June to last week of September; 2nd semester, last week of October or 1st week of November to last week of February

Kenya (Hekima College, Nairobi) 1st semester, 3rd week of August to 3rd week December; 2nd semester, 1st week of January to 3rd week May

Philippines (Loyola School of Theology or St. Vincent School of Theology, Manila) 1st semester, 2nd week of June to 2nd week of October; 2nd semester, 1st week of November to 3rd week of March; Summer, 1st week of April to last week of May

It is the responsibility of the contact person in the site of first choice to immediately inform both the applicant and the contact in the site of second choice if the first site cannot accommodate the applicant.  The applicant will receive a confirmation from the coordinator of the receiving institution/country within one month of the application.  Once an agreement is reached, the applicant and site coordinator inform James Keenan who will issue the check for the flight fare.

Applicants are responsible for securing visas for entry into the host country, if one is needed

Here is a link to the application


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