CTEWC partners on a new series on the role of moral theologians in church and society

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Here is an excerpt from the introductory post on catholicmoraltheology.com by Chris Vogt:

I am very pleased to introduce a new series here at CMT.com that will address the role of the Catholic moral theologian in church and society.  This may sound like a dry, abstract topic, but it’s not.  To think about this issue is to consider what questions should be the focus of theological research and writing, what audiences moral theologians should engage (the Magisterium? Everyday Catholics?   All people of good will?) and how they should be engaged (Through academic writing?  In blogs?  By building up grassroots organizations?).  None of those questions is uncontested.

In this series we will hear from six Catholic moral theologians from six different continents: Robert Gascoigne (Australia), Alexandre Martins (South America), Roman Globokar (Europe), Veronica Rop (Africa), David Cloutier (North America), and Agnes Brazal (Asia).  Each of them will address our topic from a perspective rooted in their own context.  This approach will help us to see the diversity of ways in which Catholic moral theologians around the world understand their role today.  At the same time, bringing these voices together in a series will provide an occasion to uncover shared priorities and concerns as well as opportunities for partnership and dialogue.

Visit: http://catholicmoraltheology.com/a-new-series-on-the-role-of-moral-theologians-in-church-and-society/ for the full post.

A new post in this series will appear on Tuesday (7/23), Wednesday (7/24), and Thursday (7/25).  It will resume Monday (7/30) and will conclude on Thursday, August 1st, the Memorial of St. Alphonsus Liguori, patron of moral theologians.


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