In Memory of Enrico Chiavacci (1926-August 25, 2013)

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Enrico Chiavacci (1926-August 25, 2013)

He was born in 1926 in Siena.  Ordained a priest in Florence in 1950.  Became pastor of San Silvestro in the diocese of Florence in 1961, where he remained all his life.  He taught since 1950 in Florence.  He was a Visiting Professor at l’Università degli studi di Firenze, l’Università cattolica di Milano, l’Università di Leida (Holand), l’Università di Vienna, l’Accademia teologica del Patriarcato di Mosca (Moscow). He was president of the Associazione Italiana per lo studio della teologia morale from 1979 to 1984; He was a member of European Society for Research in Ethics from 1981 to 1985 and a member of Pax Christi International; board member of Rivista di teologia morale and Rivista di sessuologia.

Padua (2006)









 (E.C. between Antonio Autiero and Marciano Vidal at Trent, 2010)

His books include: Etica sociale (Roma 1966); La Gaudium et spes (Roma 1969); Proposte morali fra l’antico e il nuovo (Assisi 1973); Morale della vita fisica (Bologna1979); Teologia morale 1. Morale generale (Assisi 1977); Teologia morale 2. Complementi di morale generale (Assisi 1980); Teologia morale 3/1. Teologia morale e vita economica (Assisi 1986); Teologiamorale 3/2. Morale della vita economica, politica e di comunicazione (Assisi 1990); Invito alla teologia morale (Brescia 1995); Teologia morale fondamentale (Assisi 2007).






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    He was a big inspiration for all who teach fundamental ethics. His books where clear,thouthfull, and so helphfull

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