The North American Committee organizes CTWEC involvement at two major US conferences

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The North American regional committee is pleased to report that its proposal for a three-year interest group at the Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA) was approved. The interest group, “Beyond Trento: North American Moral Theology in a Global Church,” will offer a space for participants to consider how the emerging transnational consciousness fostered by CTEWC initiatives potentially transforms the shape of North American theological discourse and ethical praxis. The interest group will also provide a forum through which CTSA members can engage the scholarship of the international members who now regularly attend the Society’s conventions, as well as emerging international scholarship less familiar to CTSA members.  The group’s inaugural session in June 2014 (San Diego, California) will feature presentations by Anna Floerke Scheid of Duquesne University and Bryan Massingale of Marquette University, considering how international theological contexts and voices impact North American research and pedagogy in Catholic ethics. Lúcas Chán (Trinity College Dublin) will offer a response.

The regional committee is grateful that in January 2014 at the Society of Christian Ethics, the Ethics and Catholic Theology Interest Group will feature presentations on the methodological importance of international experience for doing moral theology.  Agnes Brazal (St. Vincent School of Theology-Adamson University, Philippines) and David Clairmont (University of Notre Dame) will present, with David Cloutier (Mount St. Mary’s University) responding. Conveners John Berkman (Regis College, Toronto) and William Mattison (Catholic University of America) hope to increase clarity and understanding regarding the ways experience can and does function in moral theology. The session will be held Friday, January 10, 2014 at the conference convening in Seattle, Washington.


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